A Day in the Life of Miss Dillard University – Part III: Lessons Learned

Johne'tra Trotter is crowned Miss Dillard University 2012-2013.

Johne’tra Trotter is crowned Miss Dillard University 2012-2013.

By Johne’tra Trotter
Miss Dillard University 2012-2013

Balancing all of my responsibilities has taught me a lot. I have found the strength to not be so hard on myself and see the positive in every experience. It is ok for some things to not go as planned, because they turn out much better 🙂

Dillard University Coronation 2012-2013

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I have learned that I tend to overcommit which puts a lot pressure on me because I love helping everyone! I always thought saying “no” was mean. But to avoid appearing selfish, I have learned to just say, “I’d love to! I’ll try my best considering my schedule. So if I can’t, I’m so sorry!” It’s a lot nicer than just saying “no!” 😉

This summer I was prepped into have a successful reign, but this semester I truly experienced it. So, in the spring, I believe that things will go much more smoothly. Especially since I don’t have a huge coronation ball to plan! LOL.

The biggest thing I have learned is responsibility. Balancing so much while facing personal challenges is preparing me for a future when I must juggle my career, family life, and whatever obstacles life will toss my way.

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