Lady Bison Abroad: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the pond

Teyonna Ridgeway is studying abroad in London.

Teyonna Ridgeway is studying abroad in London.

When I first came to London, I was envious of some of the things that America didn’t have.

In London, citizens do not have the right to bear arms – which I believe is a good thing because as the saying goes, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Also, there is a substantial difference in the crime rate between London and America. While there isn’t as much crime here, when there is, the media makes an effort to cover it no matter how small the case may be. In America, thousands of our youth are murdered in many areas, notably in Chicago, but the news fails to mention it.

Despite the fact that some things are better in London, I have learned that this city has its fair share of problems as well, particularly the injustice between socioeconomic statuses.

Recently, I spoke to a man who works at a nonprofit that focuses on youth development. He has been living in London for over 30 years and he was telling me about the injustice in the city that many do not know about. He helped me realize that there are major social and political issues everywhere – even in a city that I have found so wonderful these past couple of months. The charities in London, especially those that focus on youth development and education awareness, are poorly funded by the government, just like in America.

But all hope is not lost for the world. As long as there are people like the gentleman that I recently met and myself, those who genuinely aspire to make a difference in the world, change can come. It takes dedication, patience, and a whole lotta faith.


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