Interviewing 101

Erinn Dumas is a self-proclaimed marketing and communications guru.

Erinn Dumas is a self-proclaimed marketing and communications guru.

As we all know, interviewing can be a daunting task, but the more you prepare for it, the better you’re likely to do. A friend that’s just getting back into the job marketed asked me for some tips and here’s what I told him.

First, the interview will likely be over the phone. Companies have strayed away from the formal, in-person interview to save on the employee’s time, so you now have to sell why you’re right for the job AND let your personality shine through the phone. We all have little techniques that help us do this. Mine is to laugh and smile as I speak. Smiles really do radiate over the phone, as you speak to the interviewer. Some people make jokes. Everyone has their own technique, find what works best for you.

Do your research. Know the company you are interviewing for and be prepared to ask questions about the company. Also be prepared to say why you are interested in the job – and saying that the company seemed cool is not the right answer. Make the answer personable to you.

Here’s the full list of tips:

1. Show your personality.
2. Know the company with which you are interviewing.
3. Dress the part. Go in a black, blue, or grey suit.
4. Have your list of questions prepared. Ask a mix of 5 – 10 questions about the company and specific job questions.
5. Find out the company’s process for the interview search. For example, when they plan to make a decision and the next steps.
6. Thank the interviewer once the interview is complete.
7. Send a thank you email or handwritten thank you note, if you have nice handwriting.


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