Praise Cleveland

President Barack Obama will be visiting Israel this coming week and among those who will meet him is the newly-crowned Miss Israel.



Yityish Aynaw Miss Israel President Obama

Originally hailing from Ethiopia, 21-year-old Yityish Aynaw was awarded the title and was the first Ethiopian-born Israeli to claim the pageant win.

“It’s important that a member of the Ethiopian community win the competition for the first time,” she was recorded answering to judges during the pageant. “There are many different communities of many different colors in Israel, and it’s important to show that to the world.”

Following her victory, Aynaw received a special invitation to meet and dine with President Obama and Israeli President Shimon Peres during Obama’s upcoming trip to the Middle Eastern country.

When asked why she was given the distinct honor to attend, Aynaw said in a Jerusalem Post piece that she is “the first black Miss Israel to be chosen and [Obama]…

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