Little Black Village

 Volunteerism Takes Center Stage at Morehouse College

by Michael Orlando Moncrieffe

 PC FF student question 2012With today’s national minority unemployment rate hovering in the double digits, students were presented an option with the Peace Corps. A panel discussion held at Morehouse College on November 26th introduced students to post graduation alternatives. This year’s event was well attended by friends, families, and prominent leaders in the communities that has served or currently serve in the Peace Corps’ global network.

The event was well attended, and held in Morehouses’ Bank of America Auditorium located at the Massey Leadership Building on campus. It commenced with a meet and greet in the reception hall where attendees were offered an assortment of refreshments, and non-alcohol beverages. Students, family members, and honored guests were able to interact briefly prior to the presentation that was held in the auditorium.

Leslie Jean-Pierre the in-house AUC Peace Corps Recruiter opened…

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